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PBA Eye has 46 beds for patients needing nursing care following surgery. A choice of rooms is available, ranging from suites and single rooms to two, three, four and five bed rooms. There is also a daycare unit for surgical patients who do not require overnight stay.

If extended stay is necessary, our Counselors will inform you accordingly and advise you on the various packages on offer. Please pay attention while choosing the accommodation at the time of counseling. Any request to change accommodation on the day of surgery cannot be entertained. Cashless facilities are available and reimbursement certificates can be provided if required.

Day Care

For many minor surgeries, including cataract, overnight stay is not necessary and the hospital offers day care facilities for such patients. The patient takes admission in the morning and surgery is conducted in the early hours of the day. Post-surgery medication is provided within a couple of hours after the surgery. Finally, the patient is discharged on the same day. However, most Day Care surgeries require the patient to come next day for an eye check-up.

Extended Stay

Some complicated eye surgeries require extended post-operative care. In such cases, the patient has to stay in the hospital for one or two days. Some retina surgeries may even require the patients to stay at hospital for three or more days. Doctors usually conduct a check-up round in the afternoon. However, if the surgery is carried out in the evening, the check-up is done on the next morning.


Patients can choose from the following types of rooms based on the availability. Apart from comfortable beds and linen, PBA Eye provides hospital dresses, slippers, and towels. Patients should bring additional items from home. However, the hospital is not responsible for your valuables.

  • Suite: Two beds, a table, chair set, 1 patient table, linen and towels and dresses and slippers.
  • Single Room: One bed, a sofa, a table, linen and towels and dresses and slippers
  • Double Room: Beds and chairs, linen and towels and dresses and slippers
  • Triple - bed room: Beds and chairs, linen and towels and dresses and slippers
  • Five - bed room: Beds and chairs, linen and towels and dresses and slippers