Donate Your Eyes
COVID-19 Protocol

Post-surgery care

The following are general instructions. For specific instructions based on the type of surgery, please consult your doctor.

  • The pad and bandage on your eyes can be removed once you reach your home.
  • Use dark glasses during daytime for one month. Use the eye guard at night for 15 days.
  • Don't immerse your head in water for one month. However, you can take body bath every day.
  • Before touching your eye, wash hands with soap in clean water.
  • Do not rub the operated eye. To clean eye lashes, soak cotton in boiled water for ten minutes and cool it. Use this cotton to clean your eyes.
  • Keep your eyes dry. Use wet cotton to wipe the eyes.
  • Apply the drops in the operated eye only.
  • Keep the dropper in a clean place. Don't touch the tip of the dropper. Keep the bottle closed.
  • If you are prescribed multiple drops, keep a two-minute gap between the drops. Also, apply one drop of medicine at a time. Keep your eye closed for one minute after applying the drop.
  • Slight redness and watering is normal after using the drops. However, if you have severe redness, pain or reduced vision, see a doctor immediately.
  • Protect your operated eyes. Avoid dust, smoke, lifting heavy weight, playing with children, etc. for one month after surgery to allow complete healing.
  • If you are taking medication for any other condition, it should be continued as before.
  • No diet restriction is needed for normal patients.
  • You can start shaving yourself three days after the surgery. Avoid going to a barber for a shave for one month.