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Since at birth an infant's eyes are not very well developed and unfocused, they are often the most likely victims of undiagnosed eye problems. Only when infants are about 4 months old do their eyes mature sufficiently to see across a room or distinguish colors and shades. Vision problems are first detected when the child starts going to school and the ailment becomes a full blown eye disease by the time children are teenagers.

Premature babies are particularly vulnerable as most suffer from Retinopathy of Prematurity (ROP), that can lead from childhood myopia to avoidable blindness. Cross-eyed children are not uncommon. Cataract can also develop in the young while Amblyopia or "lazy eye" is another risk. At a later stage, prolonged use of computers, television and video games may result in Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS).

PBA Eye has complete facilities for children's eye care, including a full-fledged paediatric ward and surgery. Our skilled consultants diagnose early eye problems speedily while renowned surgeons conduct delicate eye operations, even in newborns. Do get in touch for any problems. Why take a risk with your child?

Screening by an ophthalmologist at 6 months and a complete eye exam at 3 years is recommended.