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Inpatients Guide

The Inpatient Department (IPD) is mainly for surgical patients. A patient may be admitted for surgery to the IPD by prior appointment and in an emergency. Apart from those who are admitted through PBA Eye's Outpatient Department, the Hospital also admits patients referred by other hospitals or private ophthalmologists for treating complex eye diseases or injury. Patients and their families are guided by the Hospital's Counselors in all matters related to Admissions and Surgical Packages.

Pre-admission Counseling

Many common problems of the eye can be best treated by simple, if delicate, surgery. Surgery is also often required to avoid subsequent blindness in case of congenital defects. If surgery is deemed necessary, you will be directed to meet one of our counselors on the first floor. There are individual counselors for each type of surgery who will make the surgical appointment, help you with arrangements and also answer your queries regarding cost, time and admission procedures.

Once you have fixed a convenient date and time for the surgery, the counselor will also tell you when to report and of any pre-surgery check-up or medication required. The pre-surgery tests can be done at any reputable place of your choice or at the hospital.