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Research & Development

Eye disease and vision loss are a major - and growing - challenge in India and around the world. Priyamvada Birla Aravind Eye Hospital (PBAEH) is working at the cutting edge of ophthalmic research with the mission is to eliminate the major eye diseases that cause vision loss and blindness and reduce their impact in our community.

The Ocular Microbiology laboratory of PBA Eye together with the Vidyasagar University (Microbiology and Botany Dept) and Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur makes up Eastern India's leading eye research group, internationally renowned for its research into the causes, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of eye diseases, vision loss and blindness.

Through formal affiliation with Meghnad Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata and strong links to the Aravind Eye Care System contributes to clinical teaching and research training for the next generation of eye specialists.

Research areas

PBA Eye's Ocular Microbiology laboratory conduct basic research to understand ocular disease, microbiological and clinical research to improve diagnosis and treatment of major eye diseases, population based and health economics research, and research into health service delivery, eye health education and program evaluation.

Many key projects are delivered in collaboration across units and with external partners.

  • A study of biofilm formation by keratitis associated fungal pathogens, model development, analysis and antifungal susceptibility.
  • Antifungal susceptibility pattern of common fungal sp isolated from fungal keratitis.
  • Childhood microbial keratitis in Eastern India.
  • Comparative In-vitro susceptibility of bacterial keratitis and normal commensal isolates to major antibiotics.
  • Laboratory Diagnosis of endophthalmitis: Comparison of microbiology culture and molecular methods.
  • Effect of Mitomycin C in dry eye syndrome.