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Outpatients Department (OPD)

PBA Eye's OPD offers eye check-up and medical consultation for a nominal fee. It has perhaps the largest number of seats in a single facility in the city and treats several hundred patients per day. The OPD is open from Monday to Saturday between 8.30 a.m. and 5.30 p.m.

OPD Clinics:

  • Optometry Clinic - For vision and refraction testing by a qualified optometrist
  • General Clinic - For preliminary eye check-up by an ophthalmologist
  • Specialty Clinics - For advanced eye examination by an Expert ophthalmologist
  • Paediatric Clinic - For specialty treatment of immature eyes

General Clinics are located on the ground floor. All Specialty Clinics are located on the first floor of the Hospital. The Paediatric Clinic operates from the third floor.

The hospital also maintains round the clock Emergency Services